DJ Nastalie





Monday, April 23rd, 2018 I had the great honor of joining Nicole Coffield on her  show via KCSC Radio called “My Little UnderGround”. This show features any style of music, new or old, that is most definitely NOT top 100, and is hosted by Ms. Coffield. We also discussed Chico, California’s first ever Valley Fever.

It was a dream come true for this little guest DJ, as music is something that inspires and literally moves me. Without it, some mornings I could not get out of bed!

To be able to go on and chat with someone, playing and paying tribute to songs that I love, and may not have hit people’s radar yet, was such an immense privilege.

Now I can cross DJ off my list of things I’ve always dreamed of doing, and have done! Check out the playlist on Spotify (still a work in progress) here.

We didn’t get to every song, but we had a great conversation I will never forget. Nicole was such a great host, that it was as if we were discussing our favorite tunage over coffee, and not airwaves.

Thanks, Nicole!